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I managed to fight my way home through the zombie-infested streets. My weapon of choice? The blade from the paper trimmer. Though the scalding hot coffee did send a few running at a crucial moment.

Of course, nothing could have prepared me for what I found when I arrived home...

ZOMBIE EIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's trying to eat my face as I type this. I don't know how much longer my strength will hold out!

This could be the end...
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[Poll #1002689]

ETA: Because there was some confusion on the subject, paper trimmer = paper cutter. It's the flat plane with the big slidey arm that has a blade in it. Sorta like a guillotine, but for paper. *g*
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What an odd day for an apocalypse. I mean, really, a Wednesday? Color me surprised.

So... I'm not sure exactly what's going on (beyond the obvious, read: ZOMBIES!), but I can tell you all one thing for sure: accountants make scarier zombies than you might think. Though at least their tendancy to always carry a pen in their front pocket lends itself to easy-access weapons. I stabbed two zombies in the eye on my way into the office today. Of course, that didn't stop them for long. I barely made it into the elevator! I need to find something good for decapitation around here, but all we have are office supplies!

Something tells me I should've just called in sick...
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I went home to visit my parents on Memorial Day weekend, and Ein went with me! Yay! He likes to go visit my parents because they have dogs. And one of them in particular, a little girl rat terrior named Pip (after Chiana in Farscape! Hee!), quite likes it when Ein visits, too. I think Einey-face has a girlfriend!!! :-D

Ein and Pip!

More pics behind the cut! Not dial-up friendly! )
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Save the Internet: Click here

Okay, I'm really leaving now. G'night, my flisties! :-D
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] kernelm!

Also, skrippy? Mea maxima culpa! I missed your birthday! :-0

Here's some belated sparkly text for you, too. Yay [ profile] skripka!!!
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It's been a while, so here are some more pics of everyone's favorite Einey-face! (A.K.A. The cutest puppy in the whole world!) \o/



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Happy Birthday, [ profile] carynsilver!

May this day be your best day ever! :-D
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Ein got to experience his first snow on Tuesday! And I made sure to bring my camera along. Here are some of the highlights! \o/

Wintery puppy cuteness behind the cut! )
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Here are the responses from the anonymous love meme. Thanks to everyone who participated. :-)

[ profile] mkitty_03 is a total sweetheart, and talented too!

[ profile] finitejester37 is made of awesome.

[ profile] budclare is always supportive. Thanks, bud!

[ profile] carynsilver is the best friend a girl could ask for.

[ profile] gaisce is one of my oldest 'net friends and possibly one of the smartest and wisest people I know. Also, one of the most multi-talented (especially in writing and drawing), though she'd never believe me, if I told her that (and I do tell her and she ignores me :P). She's also my music dealer and is always introducing me to new groups and singers and they're always awesome. I think she somehow also managed to swindle me into watching the anime, "Princess Tutu" because she knows my weakness of shiny things, pretty music and pretty boys. She doesn't always get my obsessions *cough*Supernatural*cough*, but she respects them and gives me space to squeal in peace. She's kind-hearted and empathetic and I'd be lost without her. So much love to Mel!

[ profile] skyebanshee will always be adorable. That's good.

[ profile] llaras is such a sweetheart; I totally adore her.

[ profile] maystone is so thoughtful. She always has a kind word for a friend in need.

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