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Here are the responses from the anonymous love meme. Thanks to everyone who participated. :-)

[ profile] mkitty_03 is a total sweetheart, and talented too!

[ profile] finitejester37 is made of awesome.

[ profile] budclare is always supportive. Thanks, bud!

[ profile] carynsilver is the best friend a girl could ask for.

[ profile] gaisce is one of my oldest 'net friends and possibly one of the smartest and wisest people I know. Also, one of the most multi-talented (especially in writing and drawing), though she'd never believe me, if I told her that (and I do tell her and she ignores me :P). She's also my music dealer and is always introducing me to new groups and singers and they're always awesome. I think she somehow also managed to swindle me into watching the anime, "Princess Tutu" because she knows my weakness of shiny things, pretty music and pretty boys. She doesn't always get my obsessions *cough*Supernatural*cough*, but she respects them and gives me space to squeal in peace. She's kind-hearted and empathetic and I'd be lost without her. So much love to Mel!

[ profile] skyebanshee will always be adorable. That's good.

[ profile] llaras is such a sweetheart; I totally adore her.

[ profile] maystone is so thoughtful. She always has a kind word for a friend in need.
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I'm stealing this idea from [ profile] strippedhalo, because I think it's really cool and nice. :-)

My friendslist is on my info page. Take a moment and check out the names and then come back here and say something nice about someone. No one can see this poll but me, and your compliments will be totally anonymous. I will post the comments later.

Also, you don't have to just stick to my friendslist. The person you compliment is more likely to see it if he or she reads my journal, but you can say nice things about anyone you want.

And yeah, I know my flist is pretty big (I watch comms, too), but my friends of list has a lot of people on it, so that's a good place to start.

[Poll #878280]

ETA: To a particular person (you know who you are), I screened your comment, so as long as your recipient didn't happen by before I got to it, it should remain anonymous when I post them later. *hugs*

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