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Feb. 20th, 2019 12:37 am
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I can't be online much this week, and am already missing the lovely conversations on revitalized Dreamwidth... and my new fandom. It is so easy to get hooked again.

To think that a few months ago, DW was like the main street at high noon before the shootout, and I honestly though I was never going to find another real fandom.

In conclusion, I am so glad to know you guys! :-)
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It is time for Cap/Ironman Remix works to be unveiled! Come and see what all creators came up with and leave them some love.

Remixes will remain anonymous until after everything is revealed, so please refrain from posting or sharing what you created until creator reveals on Sunday, February 24th.

Mind the warnings and content notes on all works!

Today we are revealing the REMIX RELAY — FLOWER CHAIN works!

If you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at guessing who the creators are and which relay work is a remix of which other work in the chain, as we are revealing them out of order — the correct sequence will be announced upon creator reveals.

Head over to our Guessing and Discussions Post to discuss the remixes and make your guesses!

Flower Chain Works )

To browse all revealed remixes, visit the 2019 Captain America/Iron Man Relay Remix collection.

Please don't forget to leave comments and kudos on the works you've enjoyed, so all creators know their work is appreciated and we can all have a fun event experience!

Creators, please note: As AO3 does not do this for you, you may want to change the publication date of your work to today's date to help it show up in the AO3 listings for recent works. (Sadly this will not trigger inclusion in automatically generated AO3 feeds.) AO3's guide is available here, or you can refer to our guide here.

We hope you enjoy the works and check back in tomorrow for the next day of reveals!

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Feb. 16th, 2019 11:59 pm
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Twelve hours left to sign up for [community profile] space_swap. Nominations for [community profile] unusual_bearings (Mpreg, fpreg, all the non-traditional pregs) are open and I am debating how weird I want to get. Also, [community profile] vid_bingo! Picked up my first bingo card in forever.


Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist are engaged. It's adorable. Also the Liam Payne/Naomi Campbell rumours are amazing to me, I'm so cheap and easily entertained I'M SORRY. (The part where the British tabloids have decided Naomi's a cruel man-eating cougar is less amazing but I'm not saying it might not be accurate, and lbr Liam's probably into that.)


A post on The Good Doctor by [personal profile] sciatrix which was interesting to me, because I've been enjoying it but secretly, on account of having little idea how to evaluate the autistic representation. I'm also super into All-American at the moment. It's about a football player from Compton moving in with a family from Beverly Hills It reminds me of early The O.C. or original 90210, any of the glossy fish out of water teen soaps, but it's pretty modern in execution. There is exactly one white main (Cody Christian, who I understand to have been on a show about werewolves?) and otherwise Taye Diggs and the talented baby actors of colour are ripping it up. It has adorable teen lesbians! It gets emotionally stressful! There isn't really that much football, but there's not zero football either so *shrug*. I do wish the clothing department was a bit more committed to the rich kids angle, because I am shallow like that.


My flist being adorably terrible at shitposting is my favourite thing. If it's more than 100 words you've entered the realm of regular-ass content, come on now.

Nominations Are Open!

Feb. 16th, 2019 05:56 pm
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May the 4th 2019 Tag Set

To nominate, click the "Nominate" button. You may nominate up to twenty items in the Relationship field. For romantic relationships, use "Character A/Character B". For platonic relationships, use "Character A & Character B". For single character nominations, use "Character: Name (SW)". Note that the (SW) is important as otherwise your nomination may not go through. Please nominate groups of characters as individuals, i.e. "Leia Organa/Han Solo & Luke Skywalker" or "Padmé Amidala & Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker" not "The Cloud Riders" or "Kanjiklub."

Please add "Star Wars - All Media Types" to the Fandom field under each nomination. If you start typing "media" the option should be the first selection.

All characters who have appeared in any Star Wars property are welcome!