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Oct. 17th, 2017 11:31 pm
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Evan: "You know, none of this makes any sense."
Alex: "Good. I'd hate for things to start making sense all of a sudden. It would ruin this new trend I've got going."
~Kristine Williams, Keeper
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Side note, Dreamer explicitly refers to John as Thunderbird, even though his interaction with Blink is very Warpath-in-Days-of-Future-Past-like. (The great thing about the about the Proudstar brothers is that James' middle name is John, and he also went by Thunderbird for a short time after John died before taking the name Warpath. They have effectively the same powers. So basically, whatever.)

Also, this was a great episode. I love this show.
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[if you’re new to the Journey, read this to see what we’re all about!]

by Gideon Marcus

Ah F&SF. What happened to one of my very favorite mags? That's a rhetorical question; Avram Davidson happened. The new editor has doubled down on the magazine's predilection for whimsical fantasy with disastrous (to me) results. Not only that, but it's even featuring few woman authors now than Amazing, of all mags. I am shaking my head, wishing this was all some Halloween-inspired nightmare. But no. Here it is in black and white with a forty cent price tag. Come check out this month's issue...but don't say I didn't warn you:

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Dear god, that street has a lot of cats in varying degrees of feralness. One house with a large lot has at least a dozen hanging out there at any given point of time. Another house with a small lot has its own colony, at least three adult queens and two litters of kittens at distinctly different ages. Somebody is feeding these cats, but they're not doing anything to reduce the surplus population.

I kinda want to TNR the lot of them. Or, rather, I want to T them, have a rescue organization handle the N, and then give them an address to R them back to. (Except the kittens, who'd get rehomed, not returned.) With good timing the whole process wouldn't take much longer than a few weeks. But there's the iffy issue of setting up traps on other people's property....

(Plus the other issues of not having the time or energy to do any of this, let alone the cash. Can't save 'em all.)

Maybe I can put in a call to a cat rescue organization that does TNRs anyway. They might be willing to wade in and handle this. If they're not overwhelmed. (LOL. Of course they're overwhelmed.)

Auction is Live

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:06 pm
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Hello! Help PR auction is live. :) Even if you're not interested from something from me, there's a lot being offered by a lot of talented peeps, so check it out.


My auction item is right here:

What I'm offering:

1 fic, at least 1K.

Minimum bid: $10
What fandoms I create for:
-- SKAM| Even/Isak only
-- Eyewitness| Lukas/Philip only
-- SPN| Sam/Dean or J2
-- DC| Bruce/Dick (& their superegos) only
-- Happy to write timestamps (pre, during, post) to any fic I've written that's out there.
Will not do: BDSM, humiliation, sad endings, infidelity

---> I will match the final bid with my own donation.